Chef Miguel Mateos


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Ordering Info

$50* minimum order

(excluding deliver cost)

A delivery charge of $20 for deliveries outside of Playa del Secreto.
All prices include taxes
All prices are in USD
* If you are just a couple; we will make an exception; the min. order is $36, ONLY IF you order $125 over your trip, and are staying in Playa del Secreto.

Delivery Times:

Dinner 4PM-9PM (Wednesday's only early dinner delivered by 4:30PM is available)
Happy Hour 12PM-6PM
No Happy Hour available on Saturday
No Food Service available Sundays or most Holidays

Phone Orders

If you are already in Mexico call Chef Miguel Mateos 998-287-1514 ext #212 (wait till Message Starts then input 212)
or 998-147-2610 (Chef Miguel's Mexican Cell)

Leave message with; a call back phone #, food order, # of people (adults and children), deliver date & time, villa name and location.

No orders are confirmed unless you get a confirmation by either email or a phone call.


Pay on delivery - you will receive a envelope with total - Cash or Credit Card

Cancellation Policy

No charge if you cancel before 24 hours of dinner, a confirmation email from us or a conversation with Chef Miguel on cancellation is required.

If you want to switch dates and we fit your change into our schedule there's no charge.

If you want to change a menu item and we are notified before we shop there is no charge.

If you are running late and need to delay dinner, call and we will try and work with you.


Vegetarians- Lets us know on the order form and we will prepare your part of the dinner order without meat, or if the dinner is mainly meat (such as Mexican Grill) Chef Miguel will make you a vegetarian entrée.

NONE of the dinners are SPICY! However if you like HEAT lets us know and Chef Miguel will make you some hot sauce on the side.

All Fish is served without bones.

All Vegetables and Fruits are disinfected.

NOTE: The food order is simply delivered to your villa, we do NOT SET THE TABLE or SERVE THE FOOD, and we do not offer any CLEAN-UP SERVICE afterwards. You are expected to clean the serving platters and utensils before we pick them back up the next day.

WE do not supply Ice other than the small amount we add to the pitcher of Margaritas, you will need to supply any extra you may need.

How to Order Villa Catering

It's best if you order on-line at least a week before you depart for your vacation.
Fill out form below.
Order Earlier if you are arriving prime time.

If you have already arrived in Mexico you can Phone in your order
Miguel Mateos 998-287-1514 ext #212
(wait till Message Starts then input 212)
or 998-147-2610 (Chef Miguel's Mexican Cell)
Leave a message; include call back phone number, your food order, # of people,
deliver date & time, villa name and location.
Many of the villa property mangers will be happy to make the arraignments for you.

WE REQUIRE 48 HOUR notice on meals to villas outside of Playa del Secreto.
For orders to Villas or Condos in Playa del Secreto we require 24 Hour notice.

If you are ordering less than 72 hours before (either by phone or online),
we will call or email you with a confirmation, if you do not receive a confirmation than
the dinner is not reserved
, phone us again in case we did not receive the request.

We will email you back a Confirmation

Order Form

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